Santa Monica Staycation

Santa Monica Staycation

Mark and I tend to travel in a way that makes us feel like we need a vacation from our vacations— packing in all the family and tourism and adventure time as possible, usually across multiple time zones. So, when Hotel Tonight reached out and asked me if I wanted #partner to do a LA staycation I immediately jumped at the chance for a more relaxing vacation feel without any travel expectations.

Saturday morning I checked to see what the options were in LA and it was crazy easy—  Hotels included user reviews and photos, and a clear understanding of exactly how much your discount is (including some special “geo” discounts for things close by!) 🙌🏼 I decided on The Viceroy in Santa Monica, and with a few clicks we were all booked and ready to go for the dreamiest staycation.



Highlights included poolside prosecco upon check in 🥂, amazing views of the beach in Santa Monica at sunset and walking to nearby Main Street for dinner at Brick + Mortar. It's so rare to have the opportunity to walk anywhere in Los Angeles, so it was lovely to actually see and experience our little neighborhood. 


We slept in and woke up to breakfast in bed-- I’m not gonna say that waking up from ten hours of sleep to breakfast having been delivered to me and not having to do this dishes was my favorite part, but I’m not not saying that. 🙏🏼😂 😜 


In the spirit of making our staycation extra special, Mark and I decided to opt out of the fitness center workout and instead to do something active by the beach. Even though we live just a few miles from the ocean, our schedules keep us from being able to make it there nearly enough. I remembered reading in the reviews from the Hotel Tonight app that the Viceroy had @ridepriority bikes, so Mark and I grabbed two and headed off around Santa Monica and Venice.



It was an absolutely stunning day, and we biked from Santa Monica all the way down to the marina and back (with a stop at my favorite coffee shop, Great White along the way). I have never done a “staycation”, and my weekends are usually pretty go-go-go with workouts and errands and chores. Have to say this was pretty much my perfect weekend, and such a sweet reminder all the great things about living in Los Angeles that I don’t always make room for in everyday life.





This post was made in collaboration with with Hotel Tonight, but all opinions are my own. :)

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